INVEX/ONE is a real-time business analytics dashboard suite that delivers a comprehensive overview of metal service center operations from a single, easy to use web application.

INVEX/ONE allows executives and management to make informed, data driven decisions based off of their metal service center’s STRATIX data.

features of INVEX/ONE

Everything you need to know

All INVEX/ONE dashboards use real time data, as opposed to old data or static from a data warehouse. That means you get current, accurate views of your organization whenever you launch INVEX/ONE.

Each dashboard gives high-level summary information, while also giving management drill through capability to view details.

Dashboard views include:

  • Daily Snapshot
  • Scoreboard
  • Sales Analysis
  • Salesperson 360
  • Customer 360
  • Inventory
  • Operations
  • Production Analysis
  • Shipping Analysis
  • NCR Analysis
  • Finance