Mobilize the Warehouse with New Mobile Tablet Applications by Invera

Dallas, Texas, USA — Invera has announced the release of their new web-based tablet applications ‘INVEX-OPS’ for the warehouse, as part of their next generation of web and mobile products for the metal industry. These tablet functions enable metal service center warehouse staff to perform real-time recording on the shop-floor using fast and easy to use mobile tablet applications.

The INVEX-OPS tablet apps were built from the ground up for mobile devices to increase productivity and efficiency in the warehouse, while reducing error-prone hand-written notes.  These mobile applications can save warehouse personnel the time required to walk back and forth to a terminal, or to the office to hand in paperwork. 

The INVEX-OPS series of mobile tablet applications transform a service center into a real-time operation, with the sales team having instant sales order status updates and the entire company working with maximum efficiency.  
Some of the new tablet applications include: 

  • Receiving
  • Carousel Packaging
  • Production Weight Recording
  • Production Order Creation
  • Lift Preparation
  • and more 

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